Blizzard Day– Donuts

No recipe here today, but I just wanted to share our blizzard day family tradition with you all.

Rob’s family has a tradition of making homemade donuts when there’s a big, bad blizzard.
Well, there was a big, bad blizzard yesterday. We invited some friends over after church, before the snow had trapped us in, and we carried on a favorite family tradition.

I will definitely share the recipe on here someday, but for now, you just get a little sneak peak.



My good friend Megan helped me knead the dough. Those are her pretty purple nails.



Everybody helped dip the donuts in frosting because that’s the best part. 🙂

The rule is to eat as many donuts as you want and feel no guilt whatsoever. On Blizzard Day, we just eat donuts, hang out, be lazy, and enjoy our time together. It is wonderful.

Blizzard Day

We even used awesome mustache cookie cutters for some donuts!

Our friends left just in time to be able to make it home; however, their vehicles needed a little help getting out of the snow.

BlizzardDay(photo credit for the one above: Rob)

So today we woke up to more than a foot of snowfall. After shoveling one side of the driveway in an effort to get to work, Samantha (Rob’s SUV) got stuck a couple feet into the un-plowed street. The neighbors helped dig us out, but we did not make it to work. Instead, we spent four hours of our morning shoveling.


The snow blew around a lot overnight, and it left us with two-foot drifts over most of the driveway.

(I know Rob looks like he has extra arms in this photo, but that’s just ’cause he was moving while I took the panorama shot. He has only two arms. 😉 )

When the snow plow finally cleared our street, it left a four-foot barricade at the end of our driveway. Soooo we were still blocked in, haha.


Digging out the mailbox was also necessary.

We’re tired from the shoveling, but we feel pretty dang good about working off at least some of the donuts we ate yesterday!

BlizzardDay   BlizzardDay
(photo credits for the two above: Megan)

(photo credit for the one above: Rob)

Some people wonder why any human would choose to live in North Dakota, but you know what? I like it. Yeah, it gets really cold at times, but that gives us an excuse to cozy up indoors. And eat lots of homemade donuts.

What do you do when the weather gets really horrible?

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