Dark Chocolate & Orange Macarons (plus macaron-making tips!)

Hello hello!

This week, friends, I’ve got a shiny new recipe that took many attempts to perfect.
I offered to write a guest post for Laura’s Mess and decided upon French macarons.

As we Northerners enter into the cold and desolation of winter (Well, we’re technically entering into fall, but we likely won’t be graced with its presence for long before winter shows its face!), and Southerners enter into the fresh rejuvenation of spring, I decided on a macaron recipe fitting for all seasons and any hemisphere: Dark Chocolate Orange. The slight piquancy of citrus is especially for those of you in or entering a season of warmth, and the chocolate is for anyone, because is there ever not a time for chocolate?

Dark Chocolate Orange Macarons | Milk & Cereal

Laura somehow stumbled upon Milk & Cereal a year or two ago now, and she immediately started following this blog, always leaving the sweetest & most encouraging comments. Though we have yet to meet face-to-face, I consider her a true friend and am continually blessed by her. Laura’s stunning photos, captivating words, and love for the Lord are an inspiration, and you should certainly go have a look at her blog if you’ve never done so! Honestly, her blog is not like the rest out there (in the best of ways!).

So head on over to Laura’s Mess to see my Dark Chocolate & Orange Macaron recipe, complete with a plethora of tips from my own experiences and from the pros!

Dark Chocolate Orange Macarons | Milk & Cereal

Dark Chocolate Orange Macarons | Milk & Cereal

What have you all been up to lately?

Rob and I enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day weekend at home, with nothing on our schedules and free to do whatever we felt like. The week before, we visited my mom in Breckenridge, CO. The weather was rather cold and rainy much of the time, but we managed to get in one small hike. It was wonderful to be up in the mountains spending time with family!

photo 1


Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope to be back with another recipe for you before long!

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12 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate & Orange Macarons (plus macaron-making tips!)

  1. Danelle

    Yes, dark chocolate orange is a great flavor anytime, anywhere! And seriously, I am so impressed by anyone who makes macarons. I do not have the patience! 🙂

  2. laurasmess

    Aw, I love you heaps Ali dear!! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous recipe with me (and the readers, who are definitely in for a treat!). I’m going to promise that we WILL meet one day, whether it be in ND or Aussieland! Heaps of hugs… and I cannot wait to make these macarons when I get home (they look absolutely perfect!) xxx

    1. milkandcerealblog Post author

      Aw I love you too, darling Laura!! It was a pleasure to being your guest, and it was lovely to meet some of your readers. 🙂 Yes, I have hope that we certainly will meet one day! I’m positive Rob would not mind visiting beautiful Australia at some point, and Western Australia is definitely at the top of my list! Your lovely self puts WA above even Iceland on my travel list. 😉 Bunches of hugs and blessings! xxxx


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